A searchable directory of buckets for the scoop package manager for Windows

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Scoop Directory

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NOTE: ScoopSearch is now the offical search engine for Scoop as chosen by the community. Please consider using it for searching. Scoop Directory will continue to be available, for the forseeable future, but development efforts will be focused on ScoopSearch.

To search the Scoop Directory click here (put together by @rashil2000).

The search index contains over 25,000 application manifests in over 700 buckets, and is updated daily at 15:00 UTC.

You can also view the full list of all discovered applications sorted by:

  1. Bucket name
  2. Apps
  3. Stars
  4. Forks
  5. Last updated
  6. Score (currently deprecated)

Other search engines

There are several other Scoop application manifest search tools too:

On the Web

  1. ScoopSearch searches over 27,000 application manifests in over 1,100 buckets. Maintained by the ScoopInstaller organization. Created by @gpailler. ScoopSearch is now as the offical search engine for Scoop.

  2. Repology searches the Main, Extras, Versions and Games buckets, per here. Repology can also search Chocolatey, Winget, Baulk, and Npackd’s stable, stable64 and unstable package repositories.

Command line tools

  1. searches just the known buckets. Created by @mertd.

  2. scoop-search searches the buckets found by scoop-directory. It works with another command-line tool, called crawl-scoop-directory, which scans the bucket lists and compiles a Sqlite3 database which can be downloaded from here. Created by @zhoujin7.

  3. scoop-search can be installed via scoop install scoop-search. It searches the buckets installed locally via scoop bucket add [bucketname]. Created by @shilangyu.

  4. scoop-search-multisource can be installed via scoop bucket add ygguorun & scoop install scoop-search-multisource. It searches the buckets installed locally via scoop bucket add [bucketname] as well as the buckets found by scoop-directory. Created by @plicit.

  5. scoop-sd is powered by Created by @grisha765.

Adding buckets

If GitHub fails to discover a bucket via its search API function, the bucket’s URL can be manually added to include.txt.

Excluding buckets

A few buckets are excluded as they duplicate other buckets. The list of excluded buckets was here but was migrated to exclude.txt.

Acknowledgment and Thanks

Many thanks to our awesome contributors:

Scoop Directory contributors

And many thanks to Tapan Nallan (@tapannallan/@algomaniac) for their development of awesome-scoop which this project started (forked) from.