A directory of buckets for the scoop package manager for Windows

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Scoop buckets

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The above pages are updated daily.

To search the known scoop buckets for apps (as well as other well known buckets), please visit’s search page.

@zhoujin7 created the command-line search tool scoop-search which searches the above pages. The search tool works with another command-line tool, called crawl-scoop-directory, which scans the bucket lists and compiles a Sqlite3 database which can be downloaded from here.

@shilangyu created another command-line search tool called scoop-search which can be installed via scoop install scoop-search which searches the buckets installed locally via scoop bucket add [bucketname].


A few buckets are excluded as they duplicate other buckets. The list of excluded buckets is here.

Deprecated pages

The GitHub score page is deprecated as the GitHub API returns a score of 1 for every search result.